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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Bead Haul at DiMarca Online

Today I want to show you my latest purchase at the store DiMarca Online.

DiMarca is an internet supplier of beads based in France. This is the second time I buy beads from them and I'm really happy with their service. They have a great selection of Czech seed beads - and Toho and Miyuki as well, but my focus were the Czech beads.

And I think the prices are similar to other online stores in US where I'm used to buy (even with the euro currency being higher than the dollar). Some Czech beads are even less expensive there. And once in a while they offer 10% or 15% off at the whole store - you need subscribe to their email newsletter to be informed when that happens.

They ship worldwide and it's charged a flat rate of € 2.95 per shipment to any country. It took ten days to receive my package.

Now here's my purchase:

This time I bought mainly Miyuki seed beads with Czech coating (also known as Miyuki hybrid seed beads) and some Czech beads.

I think it was at the beginning of last year when Miyuki launched a collection of round seed beads in the same colors of the Czech beads (rullas, superduos, bricks, etc.). DiMarca was the first store I saw selling these beads. But because they're a bit expensive (the price is similar to the duracoat galvanized seed beads), I didn't buy them right away. And that was my mistake because the beads got even more pricey throughout the year! LOL

But they're really beautiful. If you like the Czech beads colors, you'll be happy with these seed beads. I took some pictures to show you the colors (click at the image to see it larger):

I'm very excited about the full labrador color (in the last picture above). They don't have the yellow hue you see in the duracoat galvanized silver beads from Miyuki or in the permanent finish galvanized aluminum from Toho.

Another color I really love is the California Gold Rush. I bought them in the normal and matte finish.

I only bought beads in size 11/0 and 8/0 because they're my favorite sizes, but you also find the Miyuki beads with Czech coating in size 15/0. And there are much more colors available (although it's hard to find all colors in all sizes in one single store).

And in the pictures bellow you see some Czech beads I bought: round beads in full labrador color, O-beads in silver satin color, and rulla beads in chalk pink lumi color. I took a picture of the Miyuki seed beads in the chalk pink lumi color to show you that it's the same color used in the rulla beads.

I also decided to buy some spike beads. I got two sizes: 7x17 mm and 5x8 mm. I never worked with spike beads and I thought I should give a try. But I have no idea what to do with them yet.

And here's a free package of Preciosa crystals that I received (everyone who spends € 55 or more will receive a surprise package with Preciosa crystals).

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New purchase at BelloModo & new semi glazed beads

I want to show you what I received in my mail yesterday:

I bought these beads at bellomodo last week when they offered a discount of 25% on Toho seed beads. I know, it's a very small purchase, specially for those of us who love collect beads! I only bought seed beads size 11/0 and 15/0 in colors that I want to use in some projects I have in mind. But I was also curious about the new semi glazed beads, so I bought one tube of 11/0 in olive color to try it.

I wasn't sure about the semi glazed beads because when you search on internet, there are so many different pictures of the same color! But when I opened my package and saw them, all I could say was: "Wow!". 

It's really a beautiful, rich shade of olive. I've seen beads from Miyuki in a similar color, but they were dyed beads - the color wears off while you work with them, when the beads are in contact with your skin - so I didn't bother buying them. As far as I know, the semi glazed beads' color doesn't wear off.

Unfortunately the list of colors is small and they are available only in size 11/0 and 8/0. Here are some of the many online stores where you can buy them: bellomodo, fusionbeads and beadaholique

And here's a package of free goodies I received with my purchase (it was also part of the promotion offered by the store):

Now I want to buy the other semi glazed colors. What do you think? Have any of you already worked with these beads?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: Purchase at Beads East

At the beginning of this month the Beads East store offered a 50% discount on all products in stock. They were moving their store to another place, so they had to clear out their inventory. When I learned of the promotion was late and most of products was sold out. But I still could buy some beads and since it was the first time I shop at this store, I decided to make a quick review for you.

In the image bellow you can see how my order was packed. Like many other online stores, the products are packed in zip-lock bags and protected with bubble wrap. In each package there is a short description of the item, but you can see a more detailed description of it in the invoice.

The store sells Japanese seed beads from Toho, Miyuki, and Matsuno, and sells Czech seed beads from Preciosa. The seed beads size 15/0 were sold in packs of 20 grams, while the seed beads size 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 were sold in packs of 50 grams.

I got some 15/0 in bronze colors from Toho - metallic bronze (code: #221) and metallic yellow bronze (code: #223) - and seed beads in shades of blue, green and red from Miyuki - left to right: silver lined capri blue (#32), opaque dark crimson (408B), opaque spruce green (#411B), lustered opaque teal (#443), and opaque bright light blue (413B).

In the picture bellow, the first two packages in the left are Miyuki seed beads size 11/0 in the colors matte metallic khaki iris (#2035) and metallic dark bronze (#457). The next two packages in the upper right are Preciosa seed beads size 11/0, in the colors silk light bronze (#01720) and silk silver (#01700). I really liked the silver color from Preciosa. It doesn't have the slight tint of yellow that we can see in seed beads in silver permanent finish from Toho or Duracoat silver from Miyuki.

The three packages in the lower left are seed beads size 8/0. The first one is Preciosa and the color is matte silk light gold ( #01710). The second one is Miyuki matte metallic dark bronze (2006) and the third is Toho metallic yellow bronze (#223). And the last two packages are Preciosa bugle beads size 2, and the colors are silk metallic silver (#01700) and metallic bronze (#59142).

And in the last picture bellow you can see a package of Miyuki seed beads size 6/0 metallic bronze (#457), Swarovski crystal rivoli 12mm (dark topaz) and 14mm (light peach), and beading buttons of 15mm x 14mm in the colors antique cooper plated, antique gold plated, antique steel plated and antique silver plated. I intend to use those buttons as clasp in some bracelets.

And that's all I bought. Although I got only a few items (considering such a big promotion), I'm very pleased with my purchase. And I liked the store - they sell seed beads of the four major manufacturers (Toho, Miyuki, Matsuno, and Preciosa) and have a wide range of colors. The only downside in my opinion is their shipping cost, that I think it's a bit high (and it increases with the value in the cart). But it may be offset by the products price.

The Beads East has a channel on Youtube where they teach some beading techniques - check it HERE.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review: Purchase at Artbeads

Today I'll make a review of my latest purchase at, my favorite online store.

Artbeads have a great variety of materials for making jewelry and their prices are very reasonable. I'm often checking the prices of beads in different stores and it's common I find the lower price of some beads I use at this store. They also are offering deals constantly and at each purchase you'll receive a coupon with a discount to your next order. Sometimes you can even use this coupon in products already on sale!

They ship worldwide. The only problem is - I checked on their website and I saw that they have only two options for international shipping: Priority Mail and Priority FedEx, which are more expensive than the Standard International option. But those living in USA will get free shipping for orders of  $10.00 or more.

Well, here are some pictures of my purchase before and after I opened it:

As you can see, the order comes in an envelope that is internally coated with a bubble plastic layer to protect the products inside of it. The materials are inside of zip-lock bags, wrapped in these cute purple paper. Along with the materials was my invoice, a card with a code of a 10% discount for my next order, and a free tutorial - the "Triple Crown" Bracelet.

My purchase:

When I made this purchase, I used a coupon of extra 50% of the clearance products that I received by email. So I took the opportunity to buy some different kinds of beads I had never used before.

A curious product I bought are the metalized plastic beads. I had never heard of them. They are made of plastic but look like metal beads. In other words: they're lightweight and they'll never tarnish! Hahaha I love these beads! I can't wait to use them on my next projects.

But, because I wasn't sure  if I would like them, I just bought a few samples of each:

In the picture below you'll see the little gecko clasps and some bails. A bail is used to attach a pendant to a chain, cord or ribbon, to create a necklace. I bought these bails because I had no one at home and they were very cheap with the discount. I usually create my bails with seed beads or I use thick jump rings to attach the pendants.

I also bought some Czech bell flowers. They're beautiful, but I have no idea what I'll do with them. Any sugestions?

Next picture: some Czech glass drop beads in different shapes - briolettes, leafs and spades. These beads are very beautiful, I'm in love with all of them. I will make earrings with the last one (the spades). The other ones I think I'll use in a necklace.

Next picture: Czech glass rondelles 9x6mm and Czech barrel beads. The first time I saw the rondelles I thought they were inconsistent in size. But I measured them and discovered that they all have the same size. The barrels measure 8x5mm.

Now you'll see in the next picture my favorite beads of this purchase: the Czech oval beads. The color is so beautiful! I can't stop to think that I should have bought more of them! They measure 11x16mm approximately.

The Czech rectangular beads are made of glass, but they look like metal. They're really nice. I'm thinking of creating a rustic bracelet with them. The last ones are 12mm Czech coin beads in a very nice color.

And the last items of my purchase: buttons that I'm planning to use as clasps, dagger beads, Swarovski pear pendants and Swarovski rivoli butterfly that I bought because I didn't pay attention to the description. I thought they were beads but they are actually cabochons with no holes.

That's all! I hope this post will inspire you. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below or send me an email. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review: Rulla Beads

Recently I discovered that some rullas release a red/brown ink color through their holes. It can be a big mess because it'll paint your fingers, beads, thread, and beading mat!

It happens with some specific colors. Two that I bought and had this problem: "aquamarine travertine dark" (that I used to make one of the wrap bracelets) and "opaque picasso white".

I tried to clean them with warm water and soap, but it didn't work. The only way I found to clean them was passing a cheap thread through their both holes several times. In the picture bellow you can see how my white Nymo thread got after passing it through the rullas.

After that I passed a new thread through them to make sure the ink was gone. The second thread got a light red color after the process.

At the end I cleaned the outside of the rullas with a paper towel.

And they are finally ready to use!

I cannot say which colors have this problem and which ones haven't, so I recommend you be careful when using the rulla beads. Before you start working with them, put some rullas in a paper towel and pass a cheap thread through their holes to check.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: Purchase at Fusion Beads

Today I'll make a review of my latest order at Fusion Beads.

Fusion Beads is an online store that sells materials for making  jewelry. What I most like about them is the huge variety of materials they have available. Another good thing is the store is offering deals often, especially at holidays. They also ship for several countries besides US and Canada. Check if they ship to your country HERE.

I took some pictures before opening my package to show you how the orders are sent:

In the last two pictures you can see how I open my packages! Learn from my mistake: this is the best way to open this kind of package. I already cut a bead mat and a couple of invoices because I wasn't very careful when opening a package.

The envelope is internally coated with a bubble plastic layer to protect the products inside of it. The materials come inside of a zip-lock bag. The order invoice is also included in the pack.

That's my purchase: needles and beads of different shapes!

Let's start with the needles because many people asks me which one I use. The answer is: Pony needles.

These needles aren't very sturdy. They can bend easily. But this is exactly why I like them: I prefer a needle that can bend easily than one that can break in my hands while I'm working! Moreover you can straighten the needle again with your pliers. They are also less expensive than the other brands.

The packs sold by Fusion Beads come with 25 needles. I only bought sizes 10 to 12 because I never needed needles thinner than the number 12.

Now let's see the beads!

The tree packs you see in the picture above are mixes of Japanese round seed beads size 11/0. Some stores create their own mixes with different colors of seed beads that combine together. These mixes are good for those who are learning to combine colors. I really like them, especially when they come with beads of different finishes (silver-lined, opaque, luster, matte, etc.), like the mixes sold by Fusion Beads. They're great to create a illusion of texture into a design.

The store sells mixes of seed beads size 15/0, 11/0, 8/0, and 6/0. You can also buy beads of the color that you like most in a mix. There's a list with the code of all beads included in the mix in the product description at their website. To see all the mixes they have available click HERE.

Now let's see the triangle beads size 8/0 I bought (click in the image to see it larger):

For those who never heard about triangle beads: they are beads with a triangle shape and they're available in different sizes. Each size is identified by a number just like the round seed beads: 11/0, 10/0, 8/0, 6/0, 5/0. These beads can be a bit different, depending on the brand. For example, the triangle beads from Toho have sharp edges while the Miyuki triangle beads have a bit rounded edges. I prefer the triangle beads with sharp edges because fit nicely next to each other.

I saw in some online stores that Miyuki recently launched the "sharp triangle beads" - triangle beads with edges more sharp than the regular ones. In the pictures their edges seem even sharper than the ones from Toho.

All the triangle beads I bought at Fusion Beads have sharp edges. I think they are all from Toho, but I cannot say for sure. In the picture bellow you can see some of them closer:

I also bought bugle beads 6mm to make some projects I have in mind:

The black bugle beads you see in the picture above are actually hex bugle beads. They have six sides. I like them very much, but unfortunately the 6mm hex bugles are available in only a few colors at the store.

The last item of my purchase are the rulla beads. These beads are made in Czech Republic and they have a cylindrical "barrel" shape with two holes on it. They measure 3x5mm.

I was playing around with them yesterday and I discovered that the first one - the rulla beads in white picasso color - left my thread and my fingers stained with a brown ink! It also stained my bead mat. The paint went off easily when I washed my hands. But it wasn't that easy to clean my bead mat.

The ink comes out from inside of the holes. I didn't have any problem with the rulla beads in turquoise color. What makes me think that maybe this is a common problem to the beads in picasso colors. So if you are using the rulla beads in any picasso color, I recommend you put a paper towel on your bead mat before you start working with them.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Review: Purchase at BelloModo

To start our new topic - products review - I'll show you the purchase I made last month at Bello Modo.

This is one of my favorite online stores. Their prices are reasonable (similar to the other online stores where I usually buy) and they are often offering deals. This time, for example, I bought everything with a discount of 20%. Their customer service is also good - they answer my emails pretty fast. And they ship to any country.

Well, here are some pictures showing my package before and after opening it:

The envelope is internally coated with a bubble plastic layer to add an extra protection. The products come in a plastic bubble bag. Along with them comes an invoice stating all materials you bought and the materials that are missing (in case of some product be out of stock).

That's my purchase: beading threads and silk ribbons.

The silk ribbons are hand-dyed and they are made in USA. They're available in different sizes. I chose the thinner one - 7/16" width - because I'm planning use them in some netting bracelets. They are sold by the yard (0.91m approx).

What I most like of these ribbons (besides the great collors) is the fact they don't fray so easily. If you want to see all the colors available, click HERE.

Now, the threads. This time I bought only C-lon, size D.  I like very much of this thread because, despite it can get tangled more easily, it's resistant and it has a low price. To prevent it to fray and to get tangles easily, I always condition the thread with beeswax or thread heaven.

C-lon size D is thicker than Nymo size B, KO and Toho One G. So it's not suitable for all kind of projects. If you are using seed beads 15/0 in your project, or if the design asks to pass through the same bead many times, I don't recommend you to use this thread.

The C-lon is also available in a thinner size - AA, but I never tried it because I'm afraid that it may be as weak as Nymo size B.

In the last picture you can see the gift I received - a small sample of firepolished beads. They always include a small sample of random beads as a gift in each purchase.

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