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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lace Chain Lariat

Another work from the book Netted Beadwork by Diane Fitzgerald (read the review HERE). 

The necklace is quite simple. It's just flat netting all the way long. You can make it as long as you wish - it will depend only on how you want to use it. I wanted to use mine in this style:

Photo Credit:

So I made the chain measuring 53 inches (1.34 meter) long. It was a time consuming project, but I found it very relaxing because I didn't have to think much about what I was doing. 

I did the chain with C-lon thread size D and 40 grams of Czech seed beads size 11/0.

The book doesn't teach you how to finish the necklace or how to add any embellishment. I finished my lariat by adding a loop of 9 beads at each end. I also created simple fringes with seed beads size 11/0 and 8/0, 8 mm crystals rondelles, and large rose quartz chip stones. Because the chips are a bit heavy, I used illusion cord 0.20 mm. The fringes measure about 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters) long.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Raising Curtains Necklace

This is my version of the necklace designed by Maria Rypan that was published in the Beadwork Magazine June/July 2014.

The materials I used:
- Japanese seed beads 8/0, white lined transparent aqua;
- Beaders Paradize, Czech seed beads 11/0, miami surf mix;
- C-lon thread, size D, color: gray;
- Lobster clasp, 16mm, silver plated;
- Jumpring 6mm, silver plated;
- Wire guardian, silver plated;

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Double Layer Necklace Tutorial

To see the materials I used in the tutorial and more information, click HERE.

Double Layer Necklace

Okay, this project I bring to you today is not a quick project that you can complete in one day. It took me four days to make the video and more two days to edit it! But the good thing is: the project has many repetitive steps which means you can do it while watching your favorite TV show.

The necklace has two layers: the first one is a double spiral rope with seed beads, bugle beads and chip stones. The second layer is a string with beaded beads, 12mm round beads, seed beads and chip stones. To complete the length of the necklace, I added a chain in the back part.

This is the first necklace I made:

The materials I used to the white version:
- dyna mites seed beads 8/0, rainbow peacock inside col; store
- czech seed beads 11/0, mix grey mist iris white silver; store
- czech seed beads 11/0, metallic silver; store
- twin beads, crystal matte;
- acrylic rice pearls, 3x6mm, white;
- chip quartz, medium size, crystal (I used almost 2 strands); store
- darice glass pearls 12mm, grey; store: Michaels or Joann
- crimp tube, 2x2mm, silver plated;
- wire guardian (a.k.a. wire protector), silver plated;
- 8mm jump ring, 16ga, silver plated;
- lobster clasp, 8x18mm, silver plated;
- 6x3mm curb chain, silver plated; store
- Beadalon bead stringing wire 19-strands, 0.12" (0.30 mm), satin silver; store
- Nymo thread, size B, white (I used it to make the beaded beads); store
- Illusion cord, 0.15mm, clear (I used it to make the double spiral rope); store

This is the version I made for the video tutorial:

The materials I used to the black-green necklace:
- dyna mites seed beads 8/0, rainbow peacock inside col; store
- toho seed beads 8/0, opaque lustered light beige (#123); store
- dyna-mites seed beads 11/0, olive green silver lined; store
- dyna-mites seed beads 11/0, light green opaque rainbow; store
- dyna-mites seed beads 11/0, brown matte; store
- dyna-mites seed beads 11/0, brown transparent; store
- toho seed beads 15/0, inside color grey/magenta lined (#1076); store
- hex bugle bead 6mm, opaque creamed coffee; store
- chip blackstone (dyed), small and medium size (I used almost 2 strands); store
- super duo beads, matte jet; store
- twin beads, jet dark green pearl; store
- round bead mother-of-pearl shell and resin, 12mm, light olive green;
- crimp tube, 2x2mm, silver plated;
- wire guardian (a.k.a. wire protector), silver plated;
- flat oval cable chain, 3x2mm, gunmetal;
- 5.5mm jump ring, 16ga, gunmetal; store: Michaels
- 4.5mm jump ring, 16ga, gunmetal; store: Michaels
- lobster clasp, 6x12mm, antique silver plated;
- bead stringing wire 7-strands, 0.12" (0.45 mm) , black; store: Michaels
- Wildfire, 0.006" (0.15mm), black (I used to make the double spiral rope); store
- Nymo thread, size B, black (I used to make the beaded beads); store

Now I would like to share with you some tips to make this necklace:
1- Choose a strong thread to make the double spiral rope because the chip stones are heavy and they may have sharp edges.
2- I also don't recommend you use nylon threads like C-lon or Toho One G to make the double spiral. We pass through the core beads many times and if you use those threads you can pass the needle trough them without realizing.
3 - When you finish the thread or add a new thread, don't make knots in the core beads.You may need to go through those beads later. Make the knots in the spiral's loops.
4 - I didn't show in the video, but you can use crimp covers to cover the crimp tubes in the necklace. This will help you to give a more professional finishing to the necklace. If you don't know how to apply the crimp cover, watch this video by Beadaholique:

That's it! I hope you enjoy the tutorial! And if you have any question about this project, leave a comment or send me an email.

Watch the tutorial HERE.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Myrna Necklace

That's my last creation! The pendant is designed by Ewa. You can find the tutorial here. It's not a beginner project, but I think it's pretty simple to make. If you have some experience in beadwork, you should try this pattern! You will learn a different method to bezel a cabochon, using tila beads. I had a lot of fun making this pendant!

My real challenge was creating a necklace for the pendant. I tried some chains and cords, but I wasn't happy with the result. So I decided to create a necklace with beads. After tried several designs, I ended up with a herringbone rope. I used the same colors of the beads used to make the pendant.

To finish, I attached a bead cap to each end of the necklace using an eyepin (if you want, I can make a tutorial showing how to attach a bead cap with eyepin to the herringbone rope). And finally I added a clasp, that I made with Parawire in smoke color.

That's the result:

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Daisy Chain Choker

I think the daisy stitch is very beautiful, but I don't like to work with it very much. I don't know why. Considering the stitches I've learned so far, I prefer the peyote and herringbone.

When I was learning the daisy stitch, I did several rings using it (you can find the tutorial here). And I really liked the result. So, even not loving working with daisy stitch I decided to give one more chance to it.

I searched for free tutorials using the daisy stitch on the internet. And I found many tutorials. But one caught my eyes: the "daisy chain chocker". You can find the scheme here.

The pattern is easier than it seems. First of all you make the necklace only with zig zags. Then you come back through the zig zags making the daisy flowers. It's really easy!

In my first try I wasn't sure about how to finish the necklace and attach the clasp. So I just made a little loop at the end of the zig zag and attached a jump ring and a lobster clasp. In my second version of the necklace I made something like a "D" at the end and attached jump rings and a hook and eye clasp.

I enjoyed the daisy chain choker. It's cute and delicate!

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