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Welcome to The Heart Beading! My name is Larissa Gottschald. I'm from Brazil. I work with computer software development in Florida. I'm married and I don't have any kids yet. Well... we have an adorable little dog named Leeloo and I feel like I'm her mother!

I started beading four years ago thanks to my mother-in-law who introduced me to the beadwork art. I learned everything I know from books, videos and blogs I found on the internet. I don't consider myself as a advanced beader because I just do it as a hobby.

I created the YouTube channel and this blog to help others who also want to learn beadwork. I write the posts and the tutorials in my first language (Portuguese) and English.

Here on the blog I write basically about my journey as a beading learner. I share my creations, photo and video tutorials I've made, useful tips and tricks for beginners, reviews of patterns and products, organization ideas for your working space and everything else related to beading that I think it's interesting to share with you.

About the tutorials on YouTube: some people ask me why I don't talk in the videos. The reason is: the way I do the videos works better for me. I can focus on what I'm doing and I can pay attention to keep my hands in the camera's visible area. When I'm writing down the instructions, I can think in the easiest way to explain you the steps, the tips I want to share with you, etc. And finally I believe that the written instructions help people who don't speak English or Portuguese. They can translate the text easily.

I also want you to know that I'm very happy with all your feedback and kindness. I really didn't expect that so many people would be visiting the blog or watching my videos. The access are of people from all over the world! It's amazing! I'm really happy! So thank you guys for all your support!

I hope I can inspire you to venture into this amazing world of beads.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question or suggestion! CONTACT

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