Thursday, August 11, 2016

Choosing Colors for a Project: Bead Soup

A month ago, while creating the Bracelet Weaves, I found a video from the channel Beaded Jewelry Diva teaching how to make a bead soup:

The video helped me a LOT through the process of choosing colors for the bracelet. I wasn't sure how much of each color I should use to create a nice balance and I was like stringing beads on the needle to see if I like the result. 

I also wasn't sure about some shades of green and blue that I picked up previously. So when I saw the video, I liked the idea of mixing beads in a pile until you have a combination of colors that pleases you. And that's what I did.

First I mixed only the blue beads. I tried it several times, adding and removing different shades of blue, until I got this mix:

Once I was happy with the blues, I started adding the greens:

And that's it! My "bead soup" was quite simple because I was limited by the pallet I chose for the beading challenge and I used only seed beads size 11/0 and 8/0 and some chips. 

This process is great for freeform style and stringing projects. It may be messy, especially when you have many options or aren't sure of what you want. I created a few mixes before I got the one you see in the last picture, and at the end I had to sort through all them to put the beads back in the packages. So if you're going to make a bead soup for a small project, I recommend you mixing only a few beads of each color/size/type, like I did.

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  1. The different colors mixed together is definitely a sight to behold. These combinations create such wonderful colors. I would like to see more such combinations experimented with


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