Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pattern Review: Diamond Earrings

I forgot to show the earrings I made two weeks ago. It's called "Diamond Earrings" and it was designed by Julia Gerlach. You'll find the pattern in Beadwork Magazine, February 2016.

The earrings aren't difficult to make, but I found it tricky at first because I wasn't sure how it would take form. I made a few mistakes: in my first attempt I started making the outside walls in the inside part. And I didn't use a tight tension, so the earring was quite flimsy.

But once I got my first earring done correctly, the second one was a breeze. I even made another pair in bronze colors, but I'm waiting for the head pins in copper color that I bought online to finish it.

The materials I used:

- Miyuki twisted bugle bead, 6mm, color: matte crystal AB (250F); store
- Japanese bugle bead, 6mm, color: silver lined transparent gray; store
- Toho seed beads, 8/0, color: powder blue-lined caribbean blue (285); store
- Toho seed beads, 11/0, color: silver-lined frosted gray (29BF); store
- One G thread, white; store

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! Earrings should be chosen according to the shape of the face. As an example, round earrings on a round face will look more round. So select your jewel with a good taste of style.


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