Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Bead Haul at DiMarca Online

Today I want to show you my latest purchase at the store DiMarca Online.

DiMarca is an internet supplier of beads based in France. This is the second time I buy beads from them and I'm really happy with their service. They have a great selection of Czech seed beads - and Toho and Miyuki as well, but my focus were the Czech beads.

And I think the prices are similar to other online stores in US where I'm used to buy (even with the euro currency being higher than the dollar). Some Czech beads are even less expensive there. And once in a while they offer 10% or 15% off at the whole store - you need subscribe to their email newsletter to be informed when that happens.

They ship worldwide and it's charged a flat rate of € 2.95 per shipment to any country. It took ten days to receive my package.

Now here's my purchase:

This time I bought mainly Miyuki seed beads with Czech coating (also known as Miyuki hybrid seed beads) and some Czech beads.

I think it was at the beginning of last year when Miyuki launched a collection of round seed beads in the same colors of the Czech beads (rullas, superduos, bricks, etc.). DiMarca was the first store I saw selling these beads. But because they're a bit expensive (the price is similar to the duracoat galvanized seed beads), I didn't buy them right away. And that was my mistake because the beads got even more pricey throughout the year! LOL

But they're really beautiful. If you like the Czech beads colors, you'll be happy with these seed beads. I took some pictures to show you the colors (click at the image to see it larger):

I'm very excited about the full labrador color (in the last picture above). They don't have the yellow hue you see in the duracoat galvanized silver beads from Miyuki or in the permanent finish galvanized aluminum from Toho.

Another color I really love is the California Gold Rush. I bought them in the normal and matte finish.

I only bought beads in size 11/0 and 8/0 because they're my favorite sizes, but you also find the Miyuki beads with Czech coating in size 15/0. And there are much more colors available (although it's hard to find all colors in all sizes in one single store).

And in the pictures bellow you see some Czech beads I bought: round beads in full labrador color, O-beads in silver satin color, and rulla beads in chalk pink lumi color. I took a picture of the Miyuki seed beads in the chalk pink lumi color to show you that it's the same color used in the rulla beads.

I also decided to buy some spike beads. I got two sizes: 7x17 mm and 5x8 mm. I never worked with spike beads and I thought I should give a try. But I have no idea what to do with them yet.

And here's a free package of Preciosa crystals that I received (everyone who spends € 55 or more will receive a surprise package with Preciosa crystals).


  1. Hi, I had a looked at the website and comparing with http://www.kadoro.pl/index.php I think they are expensive on Superduo and piggy, they are double price. The good thing about it its the standard shipping rate. Miyuki seems normal price.

  2. one thing that I found EXCELLENT was that miyuki round beads have the delica number right beside it. This is something that could be annoying, having to go to miyuki website and check the conversion.

    For Kadoro shipping cost outside Poland, you need to ask by email to have it calculated for you after placing the order, which is bit awkward... plus all the prices are in plz.

    1. Hey, thanks for the tip! I'll take a look at Kadoro website. Bead are getting so pricey! It's always good to know a place that offers better prices.


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