Thursday, November 12, 2015

Simply Seeds (Peyote Ruffles)

Today's review is about the Simply Seeds bracelet designed by Carol Mundy. The pattern was published in Beadwork Magazine December/2012.

I chose this pattern because I love designs that uses only seed beads and I also wanted to learn how to make ruffles with peyote stitch.

The pattern is quite easy to make: we create the base in peyote stitch, then make the ruffles on the top and finally work on the edges. But I had a difficult time when making the ruffles at the clasp. It didn't work well, I couldn't place the beads in the nice weave shape I did in the other ruffles. I tried several times and that's the best I could get:

And because I didn't pay attention to the bracelet's finished size, I worked only the number of rows specified in the pattern and my bracelet ended up too short for me (it measures 6 1/2" or 16.5 cm). So if you want a longer bracelet, you'll need to work more rows than the number called in the pattern.

Here's the back of the bracelet:

To make the base in peyote, I used a mix of round seed beads instead of cylinder beads. And to make the ruffles I had to use a tight tension to keep the beads in place.

The list of materials I used:
- Japanese seed beads, 11/0, Citrus Mix by FusionBeads (SB4061);
- Toho seed beads, 8/0, lilac lined periodt transparent (SB0982);
- One G thread, beige; store

Unfortunately I don't have the link for the beads. I bought them at Fusion Beads and they were discontinued.


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