Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New purchase at BelloModo & new semi glazed beads

I want to show you what I received in my mail yesterday:

I bought these beads at bellomodo last week when they offered a discount of 25% on Toho seed beads. I know, it's a very small purchase, specially for those of us who love collect beads! I only bought seed beads size 11/0 and 15/0 in colors that I want to use in some projects I have in mind. But I was also curious about the new semi glazed beads, so I bought one tube of 11/0 in olive color to try it.

I wasn't sure about the semi glazed beads because when you search on internet, there are so many different pictures of the same color! But when I opened my package and saw them, all I could say was: "Wow!". 

It's really a beautiful, rich shade of olive. I've seen beads from Miyuki in a similar color, but they were dyed beads - the color wears off while you work with them, when the beads are in contact with your skin - so I didn't bother buying them. As far as I know, the semi glazed beads' color doesn't wear off.

Unfortunately the list of colors is small and they are available only in size 11/0 and 8/0. Here are some of the many online stores where you can buy them: bellomodo, fusionbeads and beadaholique

And here's a package of free goodies I received with my purchase (it was also part of the promotion offered by the store):

Now I want to buy the other semi glazed colors. What do you think? Have any of you already worked with these beads?

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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for following my blog and your kind comment. It made my day :-)
    I am so pleased to find your blog too, it's amazing! (and I'm not just saying that!).
    I'm not on Google plus so I'm going to follow you via email instead :-)
    Your latest purchase looks great, there's nothing quite like getting some new beads in the post is there! All the best, Lizzie.


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