Sunday, February 22, 2015

Orion Bracelet

Hi everyone! How are you doing? After a long time away, I'm finally back with a new tutorial for you. :)

This is my first very advanced project. It took me a month designing it and shooting the video. I'm really happy with the result and I hope you like it too.

The tutorial was divide in several steps: in the first one I show you how to bezel a 12mm rivoli with peyote stitch and how to embellish it. In the second step I show how to join the four rivoli components together, to form the central part of the bracelet. Then I explain how to make the cords in tubular herringbone stitch in the third step and how to join each cord to the central part in the fourth step. Finally, in the fifth step, I show you how to make the end caps and how to attach them to the end of the herringbone ropes.

In my opinion, the steps showing how to make the joins are the most difficult parts of the tutorial. I think it requires some experience with beadwork to understand them.

I have some observations before you start working in this project:

1) The delica beads in matte color are difficult to work with. It's hard to pass the needle through them when you're doing the peyote stitch. I'm making another version of this bracelet, with delica beads in luster color, and it's so much easier to pass the needle through them! I could even use beading needle #11.

2) The size of the bracelet may vary depending on the beads you choose to make the herringbone ropes. I made this bracelet with Toho beads. Its size is 6.5" or 16.5cm without the clasp. Now, I'm using Miyuki beads in the new bracelet I'm making and the size of it is 6" or 15.25cm. So, before joining the herringbone ropes, I recommend you place them right next to the central part in your bead mat. Use pins to keep them in place. Place the ends of the ropes together to simulate the final design of the bracelet. Then measure it. If it's shorter or longer than the desired length, just add or remove beads in each herringbone rope. Just remember that the four ropes must have the same quantity of rows. And don't forget to consider the size of your clasp.

3) Use a strong thread (like Fireline or similar) to make this project. To bezel the rivolis, I recommend a thread of 0.20mm of diameter or thinner, because we pass several times through the beads. I used Wildfire 0.15mm in black color, but I didn't like to work with it. After passing through the beads a few times, the color wore off in some points of the thread, showing its core in white color.

Now a close-up of the bracelet:

The list of materials I used:

- Delica beads 11/0, matte black (#DB0310); store
- Toho seed beads 11/0, opaque frosted jet (#49F); store
- Miyuki seed beads 11/0, silver lined grey (#921L); store
- Toho seed beads 15/0, silver lined gray (#29B); store
- Toho seed beads 15/0, matte metallic pewter (#F451D); store
- Swarovski bicone, 4mm, crystal silver night; Silvexcraft
- Swarovski rivoli, 12mm, crystal black patina; Silvexcraft
- Zam 3 toggle clasp, sterling silver; Silvexcraft
- Wildfire thread, 0.15mm, black; local store

The links for the tutorial: PART 1 and PART 2.


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern. So generous of you!!!!

    de Varennes

  2. Beautiful bracelet.........where and what color are the 15/0s???

    1. i was wondering the same thing. they look like a s/l gray or something close to that.

    2. I'm sorry for that guys! The 15/0 are toho gray silver lined and toho matte metalic pewter. I corrected the materials list above.

    3. Hello excuse me but I dont seem to find the 15/0 toho matte metalic pewter only in size 11/0, the store you give for This material only have in size 11/0 thanks

    4. Oh... I'm really sorry! I put the link for the 11/0. Here's the correct link:
      You scroll down the page until you see the "Metallic Mate" list. It's the 4th item in the list.

      But I recently found that this color can be replaced by the Toho - Matte Pewter (#566). I bought them in size 11/0 on and they are exactly the same color as these 15/0 I used in the bracelet. So if you find Toho 15/0 matte pewter (566), it will be the same.

    5. Thank you, and another question if you dont mind is it okay to use these beads:
      I think is the sáme color but the number code is different so i dont really know if it is the sáme opaque matte black
      These are toho not miyuki but they seem to be the sáme color silver lined gray and are 11/0, I also found This one but i dont know which I should purchase hope you can help me

      Thanks once again! ( sorry i didn't know how to edit the comment so i deleted it and write a new one)

    6. Wow! I searched on my beads and realized that a single color of one brand can have multiple number codes! That's the case of the matte opaque black by Toho. I checked my 11/0 and 15/0, both matte opaque black from Toho, but the code of the 11/0 is #49F and the 15/0 is #610. And they are exactly the same color. So yes, the is the same color of the 11/0 49F I used.

      Now the silver-lined gray. I have Toho 15/0 #29B and the color is the same of the Miyuki 11/0 #921L I used in the bracelet. So this one is the same color.
      I don't know about the Miyuki because I don't have it to compare, but I think it's the same too. :)

  3. c'est super super beau !!!merci pour ta vedeo !! de clermont-ferrand france

  4. That is so amazing thank you for share
    Lg Anja

  5. Thanks, I love it ...........Beautiful

  6. Thank you very much for the Tutorial. It is a great design!

  7. Thank you very much for your generosity with this splendid bracelet. Do you have a site where we can see your other works ?

    1. Hi. I mainly share my work here and on my facebook page. Here's the place where you can see everything I have made, I guess.

  8. I love this bracelet. I realize it is chalenging. I think I can make it, but I'd love the written pattern. Where can I buy it?

    1. I'm sorry, I didn't create a written version of this tutorial. I'm planning to do so in the future, but for now there's only the video.


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