Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Raising Curtains Necklace

This is my version of the necklace designed by Maria Rypan that was published in the Beadwork Magazine June/July 2014.

The materials I used:
- Japanese seed beads 8/0, white lined transparent aqua;
- Beaders Paradize, Czech seed beads 11/0, miami surf mix;
- C-lon thread, size D, color: gray;
- Lobster clasp, 16mm, silver plated;
- Jumpring 6mm, silver plated;
- Wire guardian, silver plated;

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Oxana Bracelet

Here's my version of the Oxana Bracelet designed by Ewa:

I love this pattern because it's quick to make and I could play with beads of different colors. To see the scheme to make it, click HERE.

Although this pattern is quite simple, I don't recommend it to beginners. It's necessary you have some practice by reading diagrams and know right angle weave stitch.

I had a problem at the time of joining the ends of the bracelet. I thought that I had aligned the bracelet correctly, but when I was almost finishing the embellishment I discovered that I couldn't join the end of the embellishment with the beginning because they were misaligned. The result: I had to undo the entire bracelet.

It's really hard to see if you aligned the bracelet correctly without the embellishment on it. So to solve this problem I decided to make one part of the embellishment at the same time I did the base:

The embellishment correspond to the first one in the image 5 (in the original scheme). As you can see in the image above, the embellishment was made in three columns of the rope. We don’t do anything at the other two columns because they'll be the internal part of the bracelet - the part that will be in touch with the skin.

In the pictures bellow you can see how to align the bracelet correctly before joining the ends:

As you can see, the embellishment makes easier aligning the ends. After that you can continue doing the other part of the embellishment.

The materials I used to make the bracelet:
- superduo beads, opaque champagne luster (#P14413); store
- dyna-mites seed beads 8/0, opaque dark orange; store
- dyna-mites seed beads 11/0, square hole, silver-lined teal blue matte; store
- dyna-mites seed beads 11/0, inside color matte hot pink; store
- toho seed beads 15/0, transparent rainbow ruby (#1656);
- miyuki seed beads 15/0, sparkling honey beige inside color (#1522); store
- crystal bicones, 3mm, light rose;
- C-lon thread, size D, dark cream (for the base); store
- illusion cord, 15mm, clear (for the embellishment); store

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tutorial: herringbone bracelet with pyramid sutds and superduo beads

To see the materials I used in the tutorial and more information, click HERE.

Herringbone bracelet with pyramid studs and superduo beads

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you the new tutorial - a herringbone bracelet with superduo beads and pyramid studs. The pattern is very easy and simple. I hope you enjoy it.

The pyramid studs that I used have 2 holes and measure 10mm. I bought them at Michaels store. I searched online stores where you can also buy them and I found these two Etsy stores: Store 1 and Store 2.

The materials I used to make the white bracelet:
- 2-Hole Pyramid Stud Beads, 10mm, silver plated;
- Superduo beads, opaque white (#03000);
- Miyuki seed beads 15/0, transparent silver lined (#1); store
- Toho seed beads 11/0, transparent silver lined; store
- Toho seed beads 8/0, matte pewter (#566); store
- O Beads, labrador full silver (#27000); store
- Illusion cord, 0.25mm, clear; store

Materials used in the blue version:
- 2-Hole Pyramid Stud Beads, 10mm, silver plated; 
- Superduo beads, saphire (#3005); store
- Superduo beads, blue picasso opaque (#T3305); store
- Toho seed beads 15/0, silver lined gray (#29B); store
- Miyuki seed beads 11/0, smoky grey silver lined (#21); store
- Japanese seed beads 11/0, cadet blue lined transp. Light amethyst;
- Toho seed beads 8/0, metallic hematite (#81); store
- O Beads, labrador full silver (#27000); store
- Illusion cord, 0.25mm, clear; store

Materials used in the green version:
 2-Hole Pyramid Stud Beads, 10mm, color: antique brass;
- Superduo beads, color: opaque olive; store
- Superduo beads, color: opaque luster cream picasso; store
- Miyuki seed beads, size 15/0, color: transparent orange AB (code: 253); store
- Toho seed beads, size: 11/0, color: silver lined lime green AB (code: 2024); store
- Toho seed beads, size: 11/0, color: matte black diamond gold lined (code: 999F); store
-  Miyuki seed beads, size: 8/0, color: gold iris satin mix (code: 01610); store
- O-beads, color: gold iris satin mix (code: 01610); store
- Illusion cord, 0.25mm, clear; store

You can watch the video tutorial HERE or buy the tutorial in PDF format HERE.

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