Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tutorial Little Square Earrings

To see the materials I used in the tutorial and more information, click HERE.

Little Square Earrings

I'm a little obsessed with bugle beads since I made the Sultan's Treasure Bracelet. Last month I incorporated them in the Double Layer Necklace to give a different texture to it. Now I came up with these little earrings.

This project is great for beginners, it requires no prior knowledge of beadwork. So don't be intimidated by the different types of material used in the earring! It's really very easy to make. That's my first attempt with the new O Beads, so I wanted to keep the design simple.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video: when you'll add the earwire, check if you placed it facing to the correct side. To be sure, put the earring on your ear before you finish it.

Here's the list of materials I used:

The black-purple earring:
- Toho seed beads 8/0, transparent rainbow frosted plum (#166CF); store
- Toho seed beads 8/0, topaz color lined seafoam (#399F);
- Toho seed beads 11/0, metallic plum / magenta AB (#406); store
- Dyna-mites bugle beads 6mm, black (6979SB); store
- O beads, crystal capri gold; store
- Crystal teardrop pendant, 5.5x11mm, amethyst AB;
- Toho one G thread, black; store

The cream-brown earring:
- Seed beads 8/0 (main color): no info avaiable;
- Toho seed beads 8/0, emerald color lined emerald (#327P); store
- Toho seed beads 11/0, gold-lustered transparent pink (#421); store
- Hex bugle bead 6mm, opaque creamed coffee (sb0749); store
- O beads, crystal capri gold; store
- Crystal teardrop pendant, 5.5x11mm, topaz;
- Toho one G thread, brown; store
I'm also creating a bracelet to match the earrings. I'll be posting the tutorial for the bracelet soon.

Watch the tutorial HERE.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tutorial: Beaded Bracelet with Pearls, Crystals and Superduos

To see the materials I used in the tutorial and more information, click HERE.

Beaded Bracelet with Pearls, Crystals and Superduos

Hi everyone! I'm back with another easy and fast to do project! It's a bracelet with pearls, crystal bicones and superduo beads. You can make it in less than three ours. I hope you enjoy it!

The materials I used in the first sample:
- Toho seed beads 11/0, permanent finish starlight galvanized matte (#PF557F); store
- Superduo beads, crystal orange rainbow; store
- Darice glass pearls, 4mm, light pink;
- Darice glass pearls, 12mm, light pink;
- Toho One G thread, pink; store
The materials I used in the second sample:
- Miyuki seed beads 11/0, smoky grey silver lined (#21); store
- Toho seed beads 15/0, silver-lined gray (#29B); store
- Superduo beads, jet opaque (#2398); store
- Darice glass pearls, 4mm, black;
- Darice glass pearls, 12mm, black;
- Crystal bicones, 4mm;

- Toho One G thread, black; store

Watch the tutorial HERE.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Craft Space Solution: Folding Table

Today I want to show you a product I recently bought to solve my "no space to beading" problem: the Lifetime Personal table.

This table measures 30x20". Its height can be adjusted to 21, 24, 26 or 28 inches. You can easily carry the table to place it wherever you want in your house. And when you're not using it, you can fold it up and store in your closet for example.

The table is large enough to put your beading board, tools, materials and a portable lamp. You can place it in front of the TV to beading while you're watching your favorite TV show. And the best part is: without your beading board on your lap, you reduce the chances of messing up your beads every time you get up!

In this picture you can see my customized beading board. I made it with foam board and felt. It's very stable and you can use it on the table or on your lap. I'll make a tutorial showing how to do it soon.

I bought the table at amazon. You can check it out HERE.

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