Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beaded Bracelet with Pearls

This bracelet is another design of Svetlana McDaniel. I became a big fan of her patterns because they're very simple and easy to follow, and the result is stunning! I got a lot of compliments for all the pieces I made from her designs! You can watch the tutorial for this bracelet here.

For this pattern I did some modifications at the end because the edges of my bracelet were loose and not aligned. I took a picture to show you the problem.

As you can see in the photo above, the edges of the up side are misaligned (indicated by the red arrows).
To solve this problem, after completed the bracelet I added a new thread and passed through all the beads from the edges, including the middle bead from the set of three seed beads between the pearls. I marked the path with blue dots to show you it better.

To finish I added a two-strand clasp to bracelet instead of a toggle clasp as in the original pattern.

That's the result:

The materials I used:
- miyuki seed beads 11/0, duracoat galvanized silver;
- darice glass pearls 8mm, color: grey;
- darice glass pearls 6mm, color: silver;
- illusion cord 0.25mm, clear (for the base with pearls);
- illusion cord 0.15mm, clear (for the embellishment with seed beads);


  1. Hermoso elegante brazalete...gran diseño!! <3

  2. Is there a tutorial for this bracelet?

    1. Yes, there is! I put the link on the post but now I think it's not very easy to see it! :)
      Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX6P47E1AHY

  3. Lovely bracelet and an intelligent solution to the problem! By doing this, you're making sure your bracelet looks high quality *hand*made rather than lower quality *home*made. I've often done similar to improve a bead woven piece since decent quality seed beads allow quite a few passes through with Fireline (which is what I use). I guess I'm just picky - maybe too much so :) - about the appearance of what I bead.

    Too bad the tutorial's a video though. Sounds weird to many but I just can't learn from videos. Diagrams showing thread pathways is best for me.You sure did a great job on this. No wonder you get so many compliments! You should be proud!!


    1. Thank you, Jude! I'm also picky about what I bead! But I still have a lot to learn. And I don't think it's weird you prefer diagrams instead of video tutorials. Some people are visual, others auditive. Everyone has a different way to learn. :)

  4. Te ha quedado un brazalete precioso, luce un montón.
    Es de agradecer esa explicación técnica, A veces nos volvemos locas porque no nos quedan las cosas como en los esquemas, un simple detalle praa las autodidactas nos viene de "perlas"...je, je nunca mejor dicho. Ayer precisamente tuve un problema similar con una pulsera.
    Un saludo

    MariaM acabado en M

  5. Hola! hice esta pulsera con perlas de glass y quedo muy pesada para mi gusto, asi q estaba pensando hacerla otra vez con perlas de plastico.. Para ese entonces estaba empezando en esto de la bisuteria y y cometi el error de no usar Japanese Seed beads, voy a comprar ahora y queria saber cuantos gramos mas o menos usaste ?? Sabes que al parecer esta pulsera no pertenece a Svetlana, es de Jaycee Patterns.com fijate que ella vende el tutorial de esta pulsera y al parece Svetlana no le da credito en nada

    1. Sorry I left my comment in Spanish! haha.. I wrote to you, to see if you can help me to know how many grams of the seed beads are needed?? I try to do this with glass pearls but turn out too heavy for me, so I will try again with plastic pearls or maybe with smaller ones.. Also seems like this pattern doesnt belong to Svetlana but to JayceePatterns.com, she sells the tutorial for this bracelet and almost no variation!

    2. Don't worry, I can understand a little bit of Spanish! You're right, the bracelet is a bit heavy with the glass pearls. But I liked that way! I used 8g of seed beads 11/0.
      I didn't know this pattern doesn't belong to Svetlana! I checked the Jaycee Patterns website and it's really, her pattern looks almost exactly the same. Thank you for tell me about that.

    3. no worries!! let see if I open a blog soon too!! it takes time, and I just want to bead bead bead....! hahaa see ya

    4. The same with me! hahahaha Let me know when you start your blog. I would love to see your work! :)


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