Friday, November 22, 2013

Brick Stitch Earrings

I made this earring to show you how to do brick stitch. The design is very simple and the tutorial is specially for those who never tried this stitch before.

Basically you'll create two triangles by making decreases in brick stitch. To make the big triangle you'll work in two-drop brick stitch, which means that each row of the triangle has two beads tall. At the end we'll join the triangles by attaching the crystal bicones between them. And to do this we'll also use the brick stitch.

I suggest you to use a thin needle to make this project because it will make your work easier. Sometimes it's hard to pass underneath the thread to do the brick stitch because it's too tight, so a thinner needle will helps a lot.

The materials I used to make the earring:
- delica beads 11/0 colors: opaque luster salmon (db1533), opaque gray (db0731), gunmetal (db0001);
- miyuki seed beads 15/0: gunmetal (2416sb);
- 3mm bicone crystal: black diamond;
- toho one G thread, black;
- 02 earwires, gunmetal plated;

Watch the tutorial HERE.


  1. Very nice, love simplicity, the shiny is great. Wonderful jewelry idea. Seems like they'd be fairly inexpensive to make, think two teenage grand daughters would love these. Next time I'm in craft store I'll be looking out for the supplies. Great post
    . Glad you had a good break, you deserve it. Sometimes other things like your family, friends deserve to come first before your blog.

    1. Thank you for the comment! Yes, the earrings are very inexpensive to make. If you buy one tube of 7.5 gram in each color, you can make at least 3 pairs of earrings. :)

  2. what kind of needle did you use?


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