Monday, July 15, 2013

Bohemian Revolution Bracelet

This bracelet was designed by Jamie Hogsett. It's totally made in circular square stitch. The tutorial was published in the Favorite Bead Stitches magazine.

It's a very easy project and suitable for beginners. However, if you never tried the circular square stitch before, I recommend you try a smaller and faster project first.

For this project I used dyna-mites seed beads size 11/0 in three different colors, C-lon thread size D, and 6mm round beads gemstone italian onyx for the center circle.


  1. I love all your projects, I'm subscribed to your youtube channel.
    I'm not expert in square stitch, but do you have any tutorial for this bracelet...

  2. Hi Lina! Thank you for your feedback! I found the pattern for this bracelet in the Favorite Bead Stitches magazine. Unfortunately I can't do a tutorial for it because it isn't a free pattern. But I will try to make a tutorial showing how to do the circular square stitch.


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