Sunday, June 9, 2013

Daisy Chain Choker

I think the daisy stitch is very beautiful, but I don't like to work with it very much. I don't know why. Considering the stitches I've learned so far, I prefer the peyote and herringbone.

When I was learning the daisy stitch, I did several rings using it (you can find the tutorial here). And I really liked the result. So, even not loving working with daisy stitch I decided to give one more chance to it.

I searched for free tutorials using the daisy stitch on the internet. And I found many tutorials. But one caught my eyes: the "daisy chain chocker". You can find the scheme here.

The pattern is easier than it seems. First of all you make the necklace only with zig zags. Then you come back through the zig zags making the daisy flowers. It's really easy!

In my first try I wasn't sure about how to finish the necklace and attach the clasp. So I just made a little loop at the end of the zig zag and attached a jump ring and a lobster clasp. In my second version of the necklace I made something like a "D" at the end and attached jump rings and a hook and eye clasp.

I enjoyed the daisy chain choker. It's cute and delicate!


  1. Hi Larissa
    Just came across this daisy chain choker and would love to make it. However, your link to the instructions is invalid. When I click on it, I get an 'internet cannot display the page' message. Could you email me the link? I tried doing a search for it online but couldn't find it. My email is Thank a lot.

    1. Hi Toby!

      I checked the link and it's working. Maybe some configuration on your browser can't redirect you to the website? I sent an email to you with the link and the images of the pattern, just in case you still cannot access the link. :)

    2. Where is the link. I can't find it either?

  2. So pretty! What size bead did you use?


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