Friday, May 31, 2013

Pearl Ring Tutorial

To see the materials I used in the tutorial and more information, click HERE.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pearl Ring

This is another very simple ring, great to beginners.

The materials you'll need to make this ring:

1,5g - seed beads 11/0;
01 - 10mm round bead;
06 - 6mm round beads;
02 - 4mm round beads;
1m or 1yd approx. - nylon thread 0.25mm;

I didn't use needles in this project because the nylon thread is hard enough to pass through the beads alone. But if you decide use another kind of thread then you will need two needles.

Watch the tutorial HERE.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Daisy Ring Tutorial

I thought this simple daisy ring could be a good incentive for those who are learning beadwork. So I made a photo tutorial that shows how to make the ring. You can download the tutorial here.

If you have any problem to download or even to understand the tutorial, send me an email or write a comment in the post.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Book: Herringbone Stitch: basic techniques, advanced results

I started to learn herringbone stitch a couple of months ago and since then I'm addicted to it. I like very much of the texture of the pieces you create using this stitch.

You can get different textures with this stitch just changing the type of the seed beads used. Try it with japanese seed beads and then with delica beads!

When I was learning about the herringbone I found several tutorials on internet. However I wanted learn even more. So I searched for specific books about this technique. And I discovered the book 'Stitch Wokshop: Herringbone Stitch: basic techniques, advanced results'. I bought it at a local store Joann, but you can also buy it at amazon.

This book is amazing! It shows a lot of different things you can do using only herringbone or along  with other stitches like peyote. There are 26 projects that ask different kind of beads like crystals, rivolis, pearls, bugle beads or tila beads. You can't get bored with those projects!

So, if you want go deep in the herringbone technique, I absolutely recommend this book.

Here are the photos of what I've done so far from the book:

Mata Hari Bracelet

 A ring to match the bracelet (it's not from the book)

Pillars of Strength

Spiked with Pearls

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bracelet Andreth

The bracelet Andreth may seems difficult for those who are learning beadwork, but it's not. Actually it's a very easy pattern. The tutorial has excellent pictures that shows every single step necessary to make the bracelet. You can find the free tutorial here.

The author's nickname is BeeJang. In her blog you can find a lot of other free tutorials that are so beautiful as this bracelet.

Here are my bracelet Andreth:

I used 3mm round crystal instead of 3mm crystal bicones as in the original pattern. To finish I added jumprings to secure the toggle clasp.

Double-Flower Ring

This lovely pattern is from My Daily Bead. It's an easy and funny project. The video tutorial shows the steps to make the ring's flower. At the end of the blog's post there's a link to other video that shows how to make the ring band. It's a beginner tutorial and I recommend it for everyone who is starting beadwork.

These are the rings I made:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cable Bracelet

I found this pattern on Bead&Button february-2009. It's a good challenge for those who are learning the herringbone stitch. You can watch the video tutorial for the "herringbone cable" technique here. You need to register on the site to watch the video. The registration is free.

Here are the bracelets I made:

In the second one I made a button using circular peyote stitch for the closure.

And this is the ring to match with the first bracelet:

For the ring I used the flat herringbone stitch with increases and decreases in the middle to accommodate a 4mm round bead.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Elda Pendant

This pendant is a beautiful design from Ewa. She does amazing beadwork jewelry. And she provides a scheme for almost all her creations. I made two versions of this pendant!

Here are some pictures of my pieces:

This was my first version: 

And the second version of the pendant:

I made a chain with links in the eight shape and bicone crystals.

UPDATE: The author removed the pattern from her blog. You can buy it now on her etsy store HERE.

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